Financial Planner and Mortgage Broker, DFS (fp) - Director and Founder of Highlands Financial

Frank is a professional mortgage broker with more than 15 year's experience in business and financial services. He established his business, Equity Plus Home Loans/Highlands Financial, in 2003 and today specialises in "bricks and mortar" loans - home loans, investment loans, construction loans, debt consolidation loans, re-finance loans and first home buyer assistance. Frank leverages his extensive finance experience and strong lender relationships to deliver personalised mortgage solutions. Over time, Frank has developed a far-reaching network of trusted professionals with whom he works closely as necessary. These contacts include experts in the fields of personal finance, financial planning and property buying and selling.

Frank delights in helping people attain the dream of owning property and growing their property portfolios. "I'm continually refining my process as I come across ways to add value to my clients' whole experience, "he says. "I love being an expert and sharing my knowledge - this, I would do for free (and often do).I tell my clients that I always have an opinion, and love it when they ask me what that is....". Frank proudly practices a 'customer for life' philosophy, providing his clients with unsurpassed personal attention and service. "Most of my clients are referrals from existing clients or repeat business," he explains. "That's why it's so important to me that each and every client enjoys an exceptional experience."

During the loan application process, he provides regular updates and following the loan settlement undertakes free ongoing reviews to ensure that the loan continues to meet the needs of his clients' individual circumstances. Frank has a wealth of experience when it comes to purchasing property. Hes' not only helped hundreds of his clients achieve their dreams of property ownership over the years but has bought numerous properties himself.

In his spare time, Frank loves spending time with his family. He is also a passionate sports supporter, loves sampling food that looks as beautiful as it tastes, and reading. He has a double Diploma in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management and Financial Planning). Frank holds an Australian Credit License No. (417647) and has been a member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).

Frank is available 7 days a week so call me today on 0412 787 725 and request a one-on one FREE mortgage advice session.